4 Easy Treats to Make With Your Kids

4 Easy Treats to Make With Your Kids

Everyone loves a good snack, and you can make snack time more fun for your little ones by including them in the preparation. Kids are naturally curious and have an endless passion for treats. Encourage their thirst for new experiences while you indulge their sweet tooth with these 4 simple snacks the whole family can make together.

Microwave Fudge

Fudge is a classic snack that takes a lot of work and know-how to make. This easy recipe simplifies the process so that even your youngest children can help out. To begin, choose your favorite variety of chocolate chip and a can of complimentary cake-frosting. Put the chips in a dish and microwave them in 30-second bursts until they have melted. Once they are thoroughly liquefied, pour in the cake frosting and stir to combine. Press the fudge into a small baking dish and cut into bite-sized squares. You can choose holiday appropriate combinations like peanut butter and chocolate on Easter, or mint chocolate chips and white chocolate frosting for Christmas.

Apple Bears

Sweet treats are great fun. If you want your children to get a little nutrition, as well, try these bear-shaped fruit snacks. All you need to do is cut various sizes of apples into thin circles. Use two large ones for the head and body, four medium sized ones for the paws, and two smaller ones for the ears. Allow your kids to arrange them artfully on the plate until they are happy with their design. For added fun, you can give them piping bags filled with caramel or other frostings so they can draw faces on their Apple Bears.


Kids naturally enjoy "gross-out" humor, so let them indulge their wacky side with this filthy-fun snack. The three ingredients are a bag of cream-filled chocolate cookies, some whipped cream, and a pack of gummy worms. Put the cookies in a ziplock bag and allow the kids to expend some of their youthful energy in smashing them to a powdered consistency. Then you mix the cookie crumbs with heaping spoons of whipped cream and stir in a few of the gummy worms. Kids will love picking the worms out of the "dirt" and slurping them up.

Rainbow Parfait

Creativity is a hallmark of youth, and your kids will enjoy artfully layering their own personalized parfait. Grab several cups of your favorite yogurt and a few types of food coloring. You and your kids separate the yogurts into different bowls and add drops of your coloring into each, stirring until the pigment is well-mixed. Give them a tall, clear bowl or glass, and let them arrange dollops of colored yogurt as they please. This healthy snack becomes a fun activity that will delight while it builds fond memories around good eating habits. Snacks are rarely that win-win.

Including your kids in the preparation process lets them have fun exploring the world of the culinary arts while providing an opportunity for family bonding. You can try variations on any of these recipes to tailor them to your family's tastes, too. These

easy treats

are fun to make and will provide lasting memories for you and your kids for years to come.